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Get To Know Me
Name: My name is irrelevant
Birthday: June 10th
Favorite color: neon or safety orange
Lucky number: 7 or 16
Height: not tall
Talents: Poetry, Public Speaking, Singersongwriter
Last dream you remember: I had a nightmare, it was genuinely terrifying. 
Can you juggle: Define juggle
Art/Sport/Both: Both. More so artfulness and being healthy
Do you like writing: I do. It’d helps me discover what I’m feeling. Poems, songs, journal entries, all part of that process. 
Do you like dancing: I love it. Need to do more of it. 
Do you like singing: Yes. It’s a release that is oh so welcome and makes me genuinely happy. 
Dream Vacation: Exploring the abandoned places in Europe (namely abandoned Berlin), along with visits to Easter Island, Yukon, and Thailand. (I’d like to go everywhere please)
Dream Guy/Girl: Someone who understands me and thinks along the same lines. Someone who brings out the best in me and allows me to bring out the best in them. 
Dream Wedding: Small and lovely. I honestly don’t need a wedding just want the promise. Someday, no rush. 
Dream Pet: I’d like two cats. I already have their names and colourings picked out. 
Favorite Song: I would say I don’t have a favourite, so many songs have shaped the person I am, but I would say ‘The Last Lost Continents’ by La Dispute speaks to me on a certain level. I try to live by the lyric from that song “Fill your heart with whats important, and be done with all the rest”.
Least favorite song: Mindless songs, rude songs, songs that aren’t art at all but simply noise. 
least favorite album: Don’t have one. 
Least favorite artist: Again don’t have one. 
Guys/Girls/Both: My preference is males, but I have no idea what the future holds. 
Hair color: Mine? lightish-redish-brown (I have an odd heritage). I am strangely attracted to those with red hair though. 
Eye color: Mine? Hazel. And I don’t have a preference, though I like green eyes. 
Humorous/Serious: Intelligent, meaning they know when to be serious and  when to be light hearted. A sense of humour is a must though. 
Taller/Shorter: Well I’m pretty small so I don’t have much choice. 
Biggest turn off: Unhygienic. Rude. Self-centered.
Turn on: Nature lover, open minded, music lover, care-free. 

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